How important is the loyalty of your friends?

The loyalty of your friends, whether you choose to accept it or not, is super important to you. Having friends is a blessing, and having true friends is an even bigger one. Your normal “friends” can generally be labeled as acquaintances, where as your true friends, the ones that really care about you, are the ones you really needed in your life, the pieces to your incomplete puzzle. When friends hurt you or don’t do the things you expect them to, you get hurt, but depending on your level friendship and expectations from them, the intensity of the feeling of hurt varies. When your true friends, the ones that you rely on the most and that you would do anything for, are disloyal it definitely does hurt. Friendship is based on trust, years and moments of it, all piled up together acting as the bonds that hold friendship together. However, friendship is so fragile that one act of disloyalty can easily shatter these bonds that took so long to form. Loyalty is extremely important to me because I expect my friends to have my back. Whenever my friends wound up in a predicament, whether I end up resolving the problem or not, I stay behind depending and supporting them. On one occasion, when I was younger, I was getting bullied by these girls. Alone, scared, and insecure, I couldn’t conjure up a response to pin them down, but thankfully my friend was there by my side, and she knew exactly what to say to shut them up, and to leave us alone. Similarly, I have done many other things, such as standing up for other friends or acting as a witness when my friends needed help. I have let a few friends down a few, and I really do regret that. Friends are a blessing, and your treatment and relationship with them is what really matters.


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